17 - 19 May 2016

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From Ordinary to Extraordinary

2015 Content Highlights

We believe there are many paths from ordinary to extraordinary. Learn from those who have created the extraordinary to inspire you to create something extraordinary.

Patrick SHIM
Director Technical Evangelist

Robby YUNG
Animoca Brands

Dr. Panda

Wenyi JIN
Business Director

Online Games Consulting

CEO & Co-Founder
Pocket PlayLab

Head of Studio
Nonstop Games, a King Studio

User Acquisition Lead
Rovio Entertainment

Matthew HALL
Hipster Whale

Head of Games Partnerships

Stephen LEE
Executive Director, BD

Oliver JONES
Moonfrog Labs

Wandrille PRUVOT
VP Sales Asia Pacific
Bee7 Limited

Benjamin Pommeraud
Head of Player Intelligence

Newton GRANT
Vice President, Account Director
Defy Media


About Casual Connect

Founded in 2005, the Casual Games Association is a professional international trade organization providing educational resources and community support for those involved in creating games for the mass market consumer. Mass market games are found on a myriad of platforms including personal computers, video game consoles, mobile phones and handheld devices. Because of their ease of distribution, varied monetization methods and mass appeal, mass market games are distributed in a wide variety of locations including retail stores, major online portals, and speciality online retailers.

As an international organization, the Casual Games Association is dedicated to serving the needs of developers, publishers and distributors no matter if they are in Poland, Argentina, Finland, Singapore, Belarus, Russia or any of the other 86 countries our members reside. The success of our industry hinges on the ability to integrate the best of the best from all regions to deliver exciting and revolutionary entertainment to consumers.

If you have ever been to one of our events or parties, you know we love connecting people. We believe that if our developers, publishers, and distributors all have strong relationships with each other—and with related industries—it will help us create a community which will be able to deal with the ups and downs of business. At the same time, we will create leaders with strong ties across the value chain.

Our industry is what we make of it. The games industry has been blessed with phenomenal growth and continues to see significant growth in distribution on handheld devices. While we are in our formative years, defining the business models and the professional community of the mass market games industry, we have the opportunity to make a difference. Only together will we succeed.



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17 - 19 May 2016
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